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So, I was out hitting the trails again on Sunday, started my decent on the 3rd Les and half way down I ran into a dog and 2 walkers!!! I thought these were bike trails ONLY and the walkers path runs parallel with it. Didn't there used to be clear signs, for bikes and walkers only??

Granted, we don't own them paths but even so, can signs not be put back up before someone gets hurt, I managed to avoid them but give them a right mouthful

I'm sure they'd be up in arms if we were using the walker paths!!


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Happens all the time personally I like to think all trails in the forest are shared trails.

Giving them a right mouthful does not help any of us. We don't own anything, we have no rights and if we annoy people we only stand to lose out in the long run.

I'm with Hippo and Skip on this one. There's plenty of ignorant and uninformed individuals amongst all parties. I have to say that there's an increasing number of feckless dog walkers though. Turds everywhere and extenda-leads are death traps for cyclists :-(


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