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FS: Santa Cruz Chameleon custom built full bike - like new.

Hi all,

Regrettably, I'm selling my Santa Cruz Chameleon which was built this year and has only had a handful of rides due to knee injury. I'm selling as it isn't getting used and the money will help fund a new full suspension build when my knees are eventually well again.

It's a pretty high end hard tail with some very nice like new kit on it. Here's a brief spec:

- 2012 Santa Cruz Chameleon Frame in tictac orange (medium). Like new - spotless.
- Fox 120-150mm Talas Fit RLC
- Hope Tech II brakes
- Stan's Flow rims
- Hope Pro III hubs
- SRAM XO rear shifter
- SRAM XO rear mech
- Shimano XT cassette
- ethirteen 7075 33T chainring
- Lopes MRP chainguide
- ethirteen crank arms - like new but do have some superficial rubbing from my shoes
- Easton carbon monkey lite bars
- Easton EA70 stem
- Rockshox 2012 Reverb post
- Maxxis tyres
- Specialized Avatar saddle

The bike was built by Bike Scene in Guisborough. Most of the kit on the build was brand new and still is like new. Any kit taken from previous bike such as forks and brakes were stripped and serviced to make like new e.g. brakes were fully serviced with new pistons, new braided hoses etc etc. Overall a great looking bike in superb working order that will perform well as a trail bike or on long XC rides.

Let me know if you need any further info. Here are some photos:

Asking price: £1995

Thanks for looking!

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WOW - loving this bike - sorry, i aint gonna be buying but i love the whole look and feel of this - i love hardtails and this would be a treat for sure, gonna loo around for frames - what size is that ? lol - even if i had the money i could never convince her in-doors about the price :) of this (or any bike for that matter!!)

sorry, not buying but just really loved looking at this - good luck in selling this, its alot of cash for a hardtail, wonder if stripping and selling in parts may be better in this case

Thanks for your kind words, mak.  Glad that you like it :)

Unfortunately the bike hasn't sold yet so it's still available at a price of £1895!

Many thanks!

sorry its not yet sold, are you advertising it anywhere else at all?

if i had some cash i would .. but it aint happening at all .. sorry .. just dreaming if it rides as good as it looks  .. (drool)

That's a very nice ride Simon.

Like Mak, if I had the cash, I'd love to add this to my collection

you collecting em Mark?

nice bike yep, price is a bit stiff for me unfortunately. Just got some flows with hope hoops on my bike very nice.

Cheers guys, glad you like it :-)

I reckon I'm going to strip it and sell as parts as I don't think there are many people around wanting a highend hardtail with a single front ring.

So as it stands, all parts are for sale except the post and saddle.

Cheers :-)

Very nice! Great price as well. Specked up like my Cove Stiffee bar the seat post and almost as pretty.... :^)

It really is great fun riding an angry hard tail now and again!

If I was in the market for such a fine machine I think I would snap your hand off at that price.

I have just put a set of hope tech II's with braided cables on the Stiffee as well, so could have saved myself a few quid!

I'll be amazed if no one takes that off you relatively quickly!

I can't quite be sure about the cassette? Is it a 9 speed? If it's a 9 speed how much for the rear mech? I already have X-0 shifters in nugget gold so don't need shifters....sorry.

Hi Odin,

Thanks for the compliments :)  Unfortunately, I've now stripped the bike down to sell as parts as it seems hard tails in this price range aren't that popular.  But at least I can keep the reverb for my next bike :)

I've got the rear mech advertised at £65 and yes it is a 9 speed.  I've got someone interested in at the moment along with the bars and shifters but he's messing around on price too much so that might be a non starter.

Thanks :)

Hi Simon. If it falls through let me know and I'll come and take a look... probably with the cash in hand! How old is the mech? Are you local-ish? I'm at Nunthorpe.

Hi.  The mech is getting on for 3 years old but in good working order.  I'm in Guisborough so yes I'm local. I'll take some photos and will add them here so you can get a closer look rather the pic shown above.


OK Simon. Too be honest if it's 3 years old I'm a little less interested. I'll still take a look. Was there any play on the mounting pin before you took it off? I have an X-0 on my Stumpjumper as well that must be 7 years old now and it wobbles all over the place......I'm surprised it shifts gears at all. If there is any wear I'm probably not interested. You would have to put it back on the bike to know though. If the pic's still tempt me I'll come round and have a look if you don't mind.....You might sell it to that other Fella in the meantime anyway??


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