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hi all !!

with my first ever bash at the C2C fast approaching, i'm starting looking at my kit etc.

my question is, what would people recommend for food to carry on a long outing ??

i've done big rides out before but they've always had a pub stop for and hour or so ! so plenty of time to digest any lunch, but this will be on the fly !! new ground for me



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Everyone's different but in general if you're eating on the go you should be looking to consume around 60g of carbohydrate per hour (this is not the absolute weight of the food, just the carb content-need to check 'nutritional information' on labels) if riding hard and around half that if riding at a moderate pace. You also want to avoid anything fatty as these foods have a low glycemic index, meaning they are digested too slowly. Equally things like gels/jelly babies/haribo etc. have an extremely high GI so are good for an instant energy hit but shouldn't be your main source of energy (energy gels can also give you an upset stomach if you aren't used to them so best avoided if you don't use them normally!). Save them for when you feel you need a quick boost. I'm a big fan of malt loaf: cut it into 6 pieces and aim to eat 1 every 40 minutes or so. There's also nothing wrong with a butty, cereal bars or biscuits as long as they are relatively healthy. All these will give you the so called 'trickle effect' of energy that you need to sustain you on a long ride.

 Also worth thinking about hydration: obviously lots of water, but consider taking some sports drink to replace salts lost in sweat, especially if it's warm. A good tip is to mix this 50/50 with flat tonic water. The quinine in the tonic water will help to prevent cramp as muscles get tired.

 Hope all that's useful, good luck!

Helped me and I'm not even doing the coast to coast.

Bananas and coconut water for potassium to prevent cramp ,
A tub with soaked porridge oats (use plenty of water as it really absorbs!!) mixed with nuts seeds and chopped dried fruits for slow release energy and protein that's easy to carry and won't spoil if the weathers good , don't forget ur spoon! Have fun :)

The most overlook nutrition on long rides like this is protein. You should look to consume 2.5g of protein per kg body weight on a ride like this.

If you look at a lot of the pro riders they will have a water bottle which contains protein and will drink that during a long endurance event.


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