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Hi all
I was on YouTube the other day and seen someone post a vid of them biking on a route called Snakes & Ladders up in Guisborough Woods, I've messaged him but still no reply, anybody heard of it and if so, how do you get to it??
I could see either Roseberry Topping or Highcliffe in the background. If anyone knows it, let me know how I get there. I've been riding Guisborough Woods for years, don't know the names of the routes but enjoy riding them

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Yeah that's the trail, how do you get to it??
Peddle towards the monument and turn right at crossroads on the way up follow grass twin track up and bear right along tree line ignore the first trail just after that between two small trees you will find it.
Hope that helps if not your on your own .

is that up towards Capt Cooks monument, up Gribdale Gate? is the crossroads about half way up??

Yep half way up.

Take route A or B to find it?!

Sort of A. It's on Strava Leigh. Follow the A line for about a third of it's length then turn right on to it. A to the end will lead you to the toboggan run, which snakes and ladders crosses anyway.

Lol, never did thank the trail fairies of Tan Hill for that trail.

Nice one, i'll be up there the weekend so i'll check it out, looks a decent little trail

One of my favourites.  


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