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Not content with having every single cm of our area turned into Strava Segments is appears we now want everything segmented two or three times. Why? I don't want to appear like "The Strava Police" but it starts to look a bit silly when you can ride half a mile and pick up 23 KOMs...

Examples of doubled-up segments: Unsuitables/Central Fire Road, Hutton Village Road/Cart Track, Sleddale Climb/Sleddale, Gribdale To Ayton Moor/Rock Garden. 

I expect the reason for this is that someone enters a log, finds that it didn't put them on a segment, so creates the segment again from their ride. They then ignore the "found duplicate" message from Strava and create the new segment. GPSs (especially on phones) are not accurate to the mm, only to a few feet. In tree cover it can be even worse, Neil's hops about all over the place on the climb up the tarmac out of Hutton Village. So what happens is your ride might be off the logged route, outside Strava's tolerances, so it doesn't put you on it. If you're desperate for that ride to be on, you can contact Strava about it and they "tweak" things. Alternatively we can create 23 different but essentially the same version of every trail...

There's a mechanism in Strava for "flagging" a segment, part of its purpose is to flag up duplicates so that Strava can remove them.

I'm using this feature. A lot.

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Just a quick note, but i too noticed this, however the reason i have created my own is some of them are badly created and and are starting and finishing in places that are not the best choice. Also i have segmented some just for my benefit on interval trainings, so i can track my performance ( for my own personal use not to be KOM ) Not everyones choices are the same so again other riders who are training for events may also have had the same thgoughts. Yes i know you are now thinking well make them private, other people of the same way of thinking may find my segments usefull so that is why i have left public. Im not as pc techy as you but have you found a feature on strava that kind of shelters you from other peoples segments and so you can just see your own created ones, if your not happy about other peoples created ones you should maybe look into it. Just a suggestion. Let me know how you get on. Laters dude.

In addition to that what i also noticed is that when i have uploaded some rides, strava has actually created them automatically and put them in my created segments WTF, these i have deleted as it was cluttering things up and they were not exactly ideal segments too.

Yeah Strava looks for obvious climbs, based solely on elevation, and adds them if they're not already covered. Sometimes these are rubbish, sometimes useful, especially if you tweak the start and end point. It never adds descents or level singletracks.

Ah that certainly explains why i ( but not me ) had created some decent climbs and as you have rightly just said they needed tweaking a little here n there, it named one for me as b1257 climb ? that was the climb upto the antenna from Helmsly tt road.Good climb that was, i was glad it created it for me and some more over ainthorpe or something like that. but i deleted most of the ones i did not want to keep.

Yeah its naming is a bit shit, but I suppose it only has road names to go off. In Hamsterley it's made about a dozen segments all called "windy road climb" :-/

Of course the person who rode the segment when it was created does have the ability to name it something better.

With respect to what's a good place to start or end a segment I guess opinion differs. With the original Sleddale Ascent it stops at the point of the 4 way junction (straight ahead goes to the gate, left goes down the paved Cleveland Way, right goes past the "No Bikes" sign (didn't see it, honest) to where Tawny Trail used to start. Therefore it covers anyone who goes any of those ways. The newer segment stops at the gate, so anyone going left or right isn't in it. For the sake of another 10 yards of level ground...

Same at the top of Unsuitables, you can go through the gate, into Two Tarts or into Secret Path? So where's the best place to end the segment...?

Just my opinion. At the end of the day I can disregard any segments I don't "like" and also Strava does its own job of hiding duplicates (it adds a little link at the bottom to "show hidden segments" if you want to see them). No idea how it decides which duplicate to show and which to hide.

An idea for start and finish points for what it's worth....Set the start point just after the start of the climbs and the finish just before the end, say 10 metres...this will allow for any GPS discrepencies and also allows for getting your legs going at the start.

+1 to that.

That's been my mantra all along. Same with gates (eg Yellow Brick Road), start it just after the bottom gate and end it just before the top one. I've noticed that the Hutton Village Road climb, you can be missed off the segment depending on if you turn left or right at the top. This is because GPS just joins the dots (where a dot is recorded every few seconds, and varies with device) and can therefore cut across the corner of a t junction if you don't actually stop at the junction. Ending the segment just before the corner would stop that happening.

Going back to Rory's (?) suggestion the other day about labeling segments as MTBG, there's another group called LVG who do road rides and they do exactly that, label climbs as "Rosedale Chimney - LVG" to indicate "this is our official segment". Thing is we don't want to go treading all over the toes of other non-MTBG riders and also even within MTBG, who wants to be Guardian Of The Segments. I can see that being an unpopular job - bit like being a real policeman.

Ah, so you found out what LVG means Steve.

Why not do a proper strava section, like for example a 10 mile route like the Guisborough Red Route instead of 200m climbs that most of you ride up to, have a rest then blast up to be KOM? 

Surely a couple of longish distance training loops would be best for compeating against each other. 

I am liking the Strava data now that my iphone saves all of the route instead of half of it. Will come in handy when training resumes again after Winter.

But it is very funny looking at the likes of some of the users adding little sections just to be KOM.  We know who you are ;-)

... you can only be KOM till someone faster goes that way ...


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