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Hello all members. And calling all trail fairys.

Once upon a time we had a lot of budding trail builders getting stuck into Les 2 and various other bits of red route trail in Guisborough.

But for one reason or another, the numbers dwindled and dwindled. MTBG Club has what we think taken over the trail building on Les 1 and we shall support them in what they try to achieve.

A new project has come about, a very interesting one! 

A kind farmer has some land, kind farmer likes riding mounatin bikes.  Kind farmer would like a trail on his land.  The land is in Guisborough, is on a hill and offers a good range of lines that could be built onto it.

As this is private land, trail builders DO NOT need to be part of Singletraction.  No fees to pay, justt help out and build.

We are looking for trail builders who can offer little or lots of time, work as a team, help design and build a trail. 

Please leave names on here if interested.

Next step is to have a group meeting with the farmer, and plan a rough line out.  Then discuss how and when we start to build.


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Now then fella. Could give it a try? Kaya has cut the line so yeah just lay it on top of the grass that Kaya has cut back. Should kill it off within a couple of weeks I would have thought. Worth ago anyway. Think I'd prefer not to dig the bottom sections unless we really have too. On the steeper bits the slopes are pretty much self draining but on the flatter sections it might turn to slop pretty quickly if we start digging it up?? Yeah crack on with that bit after the table. 

can the farmer get materials to the hill if it was dropped at his farm? Got quite a bit of timber now and do you think drainage pipe will help in the soggy bits? it's 7 inch in diameter and can take the weight of a van, got 6 lengths of a metre long

Yes I think so. I didn't really want to hassle Chris, not that I think he would mind at all I'm sure. I'll text Chris later and get back to you. Chris has a couple of JCB type vehicles up there so I'm sure that he could get materials pretty close to the top of the site, if we were struggling a bit. I had forgotten about your offer of drainage pipe. Is it plastic? We could drill holes in it and sink it into the ground a bit like a French drain. Yeah, could help? We could probably do with this timber dropping off up there fairly soon. I think we will be more inclined to use it / dream up some good features if we can see what we have to work with. I'm pretty sure a timber stash would be ok up there, can't Imagine some one trying to pinch it. There are plenty of trees etc up there anyway where we can hide stuff. I'll get in touch with Chris and get back to you.

Cheers, Matty.  

no worries, I'll try and get some of the wood up myself this week. The pipe is 15mm thick plastic so I'll put some holes in it and get it up there.
Couldn't you build some shore over the wet corner could be a nice feature
as it happens I've just got 20 metre
s of 4x2 and can get loads more

That's a cracking idea Hippo! Matty, Chris has said that he could manage that. So I guess we will have to organize dropping the timber off at the top of his lane. One little comment that Chris has text me back there is that he doesn't want us going "mad" up there! I'm meeting him on Saturday to keep him in the picture about our plans. I think he's concerned that the lines will be like motorways and very visible. I'm sure after I talk with him on Saturday and put his mind at rest he will be fine with anything we do. An occasional timber table top or jump stained up or built to blend in as much as possible shouldn't be a problem. If it is we can still use the timber once we get in to the wooded section for whatever. I'll post up what gets discussed on Saturday but I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about. Once he plants his trees I'd think the trails will virtually disappear anyway.    

I've got three days off, would it help if i stained it dark brown at mine I've got some timber paint in my shed. Ciuld i drop the wood off before Saturday, which farm is it? Or could carry the drainage up?
Yeah its pretty steep with a turn so nice and wide just lay it on the deck and proped up on one side for a slight camber, I've hot chicken wire .
Tell Chris once the rawness has gone grass is up and trees are in he won't see a thing.

That's pretty much what I have in mind Mark. They always look a little scared when they first go in. Once they have been in for a year and stuff starts to grow again around the edges they always look like natural lines. I do agree with Chris and every effort should be made to make the trails look like they have been there for years and blend in as much as possible. It's what we have always done! Yeah, Matty staining this timber up is a very good idea. I can pass this on to Chris as well and that should help with putting his mind at rest. You can try and carry it up! It's a nightmare mate, lol. It was hard enough getting the stakes up there to mark the trail out. I'll post a map to Chris house later. His lane is a bit tight but I have had my car up there. If you drive past his house at the end there should be plenty of places you can stack this timber out of the way. If you can give me an approximate time when you will be going up I can let Chris know when he can expect a pile of timber to appear. If I don't get a map posted at lunchtime I'll do it tonight when I get in Matty.  

great, I'll stain it today and I'll take it up tomorrow. It'll be between 10 and 2. Cheers

Stained all the wood, should blend in better now. Put holes in the pipe too, not sure if it's enough. I can get loads of the 4x2 but the bigger 6x6 and 7x5 are harder to get. I'm no joiner and would struggle to build a kinder egg toy so i'll get it up there and leave it to others expertise! Can get  loads of 6 inch nails if needed too. Got more of the timber paint left so when anything gets built I'll go up and paint the sawcuts.


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