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Hello all members. And calling all trail fairys.

Once upon a time we had a lot of budding trail builders getting stuck into Les 2 and various other bits of red route trail in Guisborough.

But for one reason or another, the numbers dwindled and dwindled. MTBG Club has what we think taken over the trail building on Les 1 and we shall support them in what they try to achieve.

A new project has come about, a very interesting one! 

A kind farmer has some land, kind farmer likes riding mounatin bikes.  Kind farmer would like a trail on his land.  The land is in Guisborough, is on a hill and offers a good range of lines that could be built onto it.

As this is private land, trail builders DO NOT need to be part of Singletraction.  No fees to pay, justt help out and build.

We are looking for trail builders who can offer little or lots of time, work as a team, help design and build a trail. 

Please leave names on here if interested.

Next step is to have a group meeting with the farmer, and plan a rough line out.  Then discuss how and when we start to build.


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Did anyone get up over the weekend? I didn't get chance this week. Hopefully get up there this Saturday some time. Kids are on half term hols so may struggle again this weekend??? Really keen to see if the E-squad boys have added owt to the very black line!

Fifty shades of black this line but quiet on the digging front until we can get up on to slam the next feature in.

Not been up this weekend. But I do have the week off so no doubt ill be up at some point.

Nice one Phil. Maybe see you this weekend? 

I would think so mate. Probably try and get up sometime through the week aswell. Got a new Mattock to play with hah.

Nice! There might be one lost on the hill side somewhere as well? Mike thinks that he's lost his under a berm somewhere. Oops!

Haha! Am sure it'll turn up. Can't exactly remember where we stashed our spades and rake tbh. I hope Jono can remember
There was a couple of peeps doing something. Spied them from above, black drop in ?
I've got a tool that will make short work of that grass, I'll try and get over at some point with someone.

I like the sound of that! Does it dig it up or just cut it down to the mud?

It can do both, used it today to rip out dense brambles and the tore the top layer off the Forrest floor, followed by giving us a nice smooth surface. Your welcome to use one when I'm not there, just give me a call 07725122545


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