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Hello all members. And calling all trail fairys.

Once upon a time we had a lot of budding trail builders getting stuck into Les 2 and various other bits of red route trail in Guisborough.

But for one reason or another, the numbers dwindled and dwindled. MTBG Club has what we think taken over the trail building on Les 1 and we shall support them in what they try to achieve.

A new project has come about, a very interesting one! 

A kind farmer has some land, kind farmer likes riding mounatin bikes.  Kind farmer would like a trail on his land.  The land is in Guisborough, is on a hill and offers a good range of lines that could be built onto it.

As this is private land, trail builders DO NOT need to be part of Singletraction.  No fees to pay, justt help out and build.

We are looking for trail builders who can offer little or lots of time, work as a team, help design and build a trail. 

Please leave names on here if interested.

Next step is to have a group meeting with the farmer, and plan a rough line out.  Then discuss how and when we start to build.


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How do we get in touch with Chris/skip off work, got a request in the shape of a digger and the possibility of using it on the Sow land.
Would this be ok.

Already sent him a message Dude. Mike sent me a text a few nights ago. See what he comes back with?

Meeting Chris on Saturday to discuss. Is it a full on JCB or a little bobcat thing?

It's a 7 ton digger thats all i know and it's not deffinate but more of a possibility but knowing we can could help.

Chris has a few concerns so it's a thanks for the offer but no Mark. I think the trail will be better if the grassy bits at the bottom are just cut in by riders as well. Just under the surface is this black soil that gets really soggy in the wet. You have to dig it out down to the better stuff at about a foot, half a foot down. As soon as you do that you have just made a channel for water to collect in and run down. It's going to be fairly hard going on that trail for a while at the bottom but letting the bikes cut the line in is best for the trail I think. More importantly keeps Chris happy and on our side as well. We just need a thousand bikes down it! :^) 

 Is there no shail or stone close by we could use to give a better surface to the grassy section 


No unfortunately shale and stone doesn't just get left around in big piles so that everyone trail building up there can just help themselves. :^) Sorry for the sarcasm. You would need tons of the stuff anyway and our budget is what we can beg. Chris isn't keen on heavy plant driving around up there either so moving enough surface about by hand is going to be quite a job even if we could get hold of a several tons of material free.  It all just gets a little too much I think? It will all come good in the end kaya. Just keep riding it. :^)

 Perhaps we could ask the FC for some shail or stone they won't be using any in the foreseeable future....  

  Sorry I was asking if there was any shail/stone in the bankside, or anywhere in the field, you'd be surprised whats hidden in the long grass/ferns.

 Anything just to make the grass a bit faster ?


Thousands of Rocks in the field but Id say it took me and me mate about 4 hrs work to surface 10ft in em. So fill ya boots if you have time ;) 

Might be worth just stripping a small length of the bottom half and leaving a bit and seeing what pans out better. Probably go up this week sometime so might do 10/20ft and see what it turns out like

 Weds an Fri look best weather wise, I was hoping to get up weds but its looking more like Fri now 

Wouldn't want to ask the FC for anything. Be like selling my soul to the devil! Bunch of dream smashers if you ask me.

Yeah no worries was a long shot and can't blame him really ,hand built trails are way cooler anyway.


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