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Hello all members. And calling all trail fairys.

Once upon a time we had a lot of budding trail builders getting stuck into Les 2 and various other bits of red route trail in Guisborough.

But for one reason or another, the numbers dwindled and dwindled. MTBG Club has what we think taken over the trail building on Les 1 and we shall support them in what they try to achieve.

A new project has come about, a very interesting one! 

A kind farmer has some land, kind farmer likes riding mounatin bikes.  Kind farmer would like a trail on his land.  The land is in Guisborough, is on a hill and offers a good range of lines that could be built onto it.

As this is private land, trail builders DO NOT need to be part of Singletraction.  No fees to pay, justt help out and build.

We are looking for trail builders who can offer little or lots of time, work as a team, help design and build a trail. 

Please leave names on here if interested.

Next step is to have a group meeting with the farmer, and plan a rough line out.  Then discuss how and when we start to build.


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Count me in...  Ill offer what time and (little) expertise I can!



I shall try, get my name down, I have no experience in trail design but can hopefully lend a hand with shovel and time

well done and sounds interesting - any initial maps so we can see where this is - cheers

Can we have some massive old chute style features for the confident with chicken routes for the up and coming? Is there enough space to put separate graded trails in? Maybe a black, a red and a blue? Is that too much scar tissue for the farmers land? Can we cross the black trail over the top of the blue trail with a bridge that doubles up as a massive table top? Can we shape the trails so that it spells out MTBG on the hill side, lol. Does the farmer have a JCB that we can borrow? Can we have someone that can actually drive a JCB? Can we have.............. :^)

...and a mahoosive sender sponsored by Oakley

Can we have...........:)  Sorry Odin but you missed out the  UPLIFT .Lol

Lol, big bucks for some kit like that. Maybe get an old cow and a length of rope with knots in it?  

Perhaps a water lift system like at Saltburn?

Why not have a climbing loop? cheaper than an up-lift...folk do climb hills on bikes these days...?...don't they?

Great news. More than happy to help out just sari where and when.
Count me in :-)
I can help off all day Tuesday and Saturday from 3 and all day Sunday and some friends are builders and see if I can get some hardcore and other bits to put down

Don't let on that the Farmer was an ex GP or there will be a queue of bikers at his front door once it's open asking for Elastoplast and other hurty treatments, lol.  


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