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Hi all


I am a member of Cleveland Search and Rescue Team; we were happy to help the gentleman who had an incident in the woods on Tuesday evening.


The gazette have asked if the story could be used in an article on wearing helmets. Is the rider a forum member, or a friend of one?


If so could you get in touch.



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Carl - the rider in question is a member of the forum but I'll leave it up to him to announce his presence!


You guys do a great job and, although I've never personally needed it, it's much appreciated by everyone who rides.



Thanks for that, in no way would we want to pressure anyone into anything!


Quite a few of the Team ride on a regular basis; indeed we view the Team as an insurance policy- but one that we would be too embarrassed to ever use!



I'm glad there is such a service for all us out in the woods and on the moors.


If I were to ever need a call out (god forbid, I've not fallen off my bike yet :-) ), I would be eternally grateful to the team!


More support for the S+R the better I say.




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