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When it all goes wrong; how to call out Mountain Rescue.

Hi all

We picked up another mountain biker yesterday in the woods. I thought posting this may help if you are involved in an accident (or come across me when I have fallen off!)

Keep the casualty, and the rest of the party safe and warm.

Don't move the casualty unless necessary to prevent further injury.The mechanism of injury (fall from a bike!) probably means that we should treat casualties with care to avoid further injury.

Dial 999 and ask for the police, this may mean splitting the party to allow one of you to ride to a phone.

If you are on your own and dont think moving or walking is an option a whistle helps draw attention. I have one on the shoulder strap of my camelback.

When you speak to plod...

Be ready to give a CHALET report...
C  Casualties – number, names (and, if possible, age); type of injuries, for example, lower leg, head injury, collapse, drowning etc.

H  Hazards to the rescuers – for example, strong winds, avalanche, rock fall, dangerous animals.

A  Access – the name of mountain area and description of the terrain. It may be appropriate to describe the approach and any distinguishing features such as an orange survival bag. Information on the weather conditions at the incident site is useful, particularly if you are in cloud or mist.

L  Location of the incident – a grid reference and a description is ideal. Don't forget to give the map sheet number and please say if the grid reference is from a GPS device.

E  Equipment at the scene – for example, torches, other mobile phones, group shelters, medical personnel.

T  Type of incident – mountain biker, fell runner,, etc. Be prepared to give a brief description of the time and apparent cause of the incident.

Hope you never need us!


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Thanks for thr info Carl. I may have seen this casualty yesterday morning. Seen a guy walking with a broken arm or coller bone with his mates. Stopped but they seem to have everything in hand
That's the fella!

You can also register your phone to the emergancy services to utilise data burst transmissions should you experience poor reception.

Text "REGISTER" to 999 and wait for their acknowledgement reply text.


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