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Founded in 2010, MTBGuisborough Cycling Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club affiliated to British Cycling.

Although originally founded by the same guys who created the MTBGuisborough ning website (the site you are now on - now known as 'MTBGuisborough Social Hub'), the club is completely independent.

The club now has 150+ members and 15+ qualified MTB Leaders and Coaches delivering regular activities to both junior and adult riders.

The aims of the club are to:

  • Encourage participation in mountain biking in the local area.  
  • Develop and maintain MTB trails in Guisborough Forest in cooperation with SingletrAction and the Forestry Commission
  • Engage with the Forestry Commission, local landowners and other forest users to represent the views of the local MTB community.  
  • Develop a race team to represent the area and encourage the participation of local riders in the competitive aspect of the sport.
  • Encourage young people to participate in the sport through a regular programme of junior activities and coaching
  • Offer advice and coaching sessions to develop the skills of local riders.  
  • Organise social rides and events for the local MTB community.

To find out more visit the official club site here:

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